Residential Property Inspections

     ~   All Residential Property Inspections are performed using:

      ~  Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice / Ch - 468 / Part XV / Rule Ch 61-30.801-811 - 


      ~  Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI)©- Professional Standards of Practice -

            and / or 

      ~  The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)© - Standards of Practice to the extent they apply.

      The Residential Inspection may actually exceed the referenced Standards of Practice in certain instances.

~ Wind Mitigation Inspections


ACS Home Inspection Services Reports include an estimated cost of repairs

~ Allergen / Asthma Trigger Screening


Brian M. Sullivan - Certified Building Inspector

Commercial Property Inspections

     ~   ASTM Inspection Standard - E 2018-0 (and its' current accepted / published revisions) is used as a guide to

            the extent they apply.

       ~   A Commercial Property Inspection is a visual report on the general conditions of the property and the structure.

       ~   A Commercial Inspection includes a single structure or multiple structures on the same property.

       ~   Items to be Inspected include but are not limited to:

             ~  Parking Areas - type of surface / number of existing spaces / access and egress

                  ( excluded are drainage - type and capacity, lighting, security - fencing, gates, etc., )

             ~  Type of Structure(s) - number of buildings, type of building / number of floors, type of construction, etc.

             ~  Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC ( heating-ventilation-air conditioning), - evaluation of components, etc..

       ~  Commercial Inspections include properties with more than 4 Dwelling Units, free standing buildings, Commercial units

           within a complex, etc..

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~ Modular / Mobile Home Inspections


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~  4 Point Inspections


Infrared Camera / Thermo Imaging Inspections

      ~  Infrared Camera / Thermo Imaging Inspections are included in all Commercial and Residential Inspections.

           ~   It scans all accessible exterior and interior areas of structures.

      ~  IR / Thermo Imaging uses temperature differential to help determine / detect Stucco failure issues / Water Intrusion /

          Structural / Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC  Issues / etc.

           ~  It can also help to detect sources of Building Energy loss through inadequate insulation, defective window and door

               components, and other Building Components that may contribute to Building Energy loss.